A Town with a Funny Name, and a Big Heart

Why we Love Intercourse (stop laughing) and Why Heritage Days is Pinch-Me Perfect June 16th, 2018 The first time we went to Heritage Days, I got all goosebumpy and emotional. It was Intercourse Bikeworks’ first year as a business. Mark and…
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The Bike Share is Open!

Sharing bikes on the Warwick Rail Trail is totally a thing. And you should absolutely check it out! Ever want to be one of those happy faces, all easy breezy, peddling along the rail trail? Yeah, me too. But I…
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Say Farewell to Fair Weather Riding

And Say Hello to Gore I’m not gonna put on airs. I mean, I proclaim myself to be the world’s okayest cyclist, so it won’t be a surprise that I’m a baby about riding in the cold. And the wind….
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