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Rob on Cyclocross Course

Cyclo Whaaaaa?

What Exactly is Cyclocross? Sometimes when we tell folks we’re putting a cyclocross course on site they give us that polite nod, you know the one you give when you have no idea what the other person is talking about….
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Dear Mr. Car, Please Don’t Kill Me.

So I get it. We’re all in a hurry these days. Gotta get to work. Gotta get the kids to school. Gotta read that latest text message. Gotta buzz that annoying cyclist and show her who’s boss. Errrrr. Yeah, I…
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Amish Dinner Tour

The Roads Less Traveled

Why our riding routes rock for friends from far…and near. Sometimes we miss the awesome stuff that’s staring us right in the face. It happens a lot when you live here. Passing horse and buggies becomes a chore. Twisting back…
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BMC proves my dad was right.

Lots of things my father told me have new meaning now that I’m an adult. He had a used car business and he’d always warn me, “you can’t fall in love with the cars on the lot, because then you’ll…
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