Cyclocross Course *coming soon*

Rob on Cyclocross Course

CROSS IS BOSS, and our new course is a FORCE

We call it The Rock Garden, because, well, we’re at Rock Lititz, and because it rocks. From Spring to late fall, you’ll be able to rip whenever you want. Simply stop into our shop, sign a waiver, and roll out.

The course is cut right on our campus, with an outside loop that’s friendly for riders of all levels. Turn into the inner section of the course and you’ll find technical challenges galore…all the stuff you need to up your cross game.

Want to give it a whirl but don’t have a bike? No problem. We have an entire fleet of cyclocross bikes available to rent. Get a feel for the sport before you commit to a purchase. Oh, and those awesome demo bikes of ours will end up on sale, creating another great way to get into the sport without paying full price for a new rig.

Cyclocross Worlds

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