Rock ‘N Goldsprints

Saturday, February 17th at Pod 2, Round 2

This time, we’re not asking you to ride in the cold, and we’re definitely not asking you to behave. Our second annual Rock ‘N Goldsprints is all about fun.

So what exactly is a Goldsprints event? Put simply, it’s a party, with bike racing…on stationary bikes. So the deal here is, you don’t even have to be able to ride a bike to enter. And if you don’t want to enter, just come and watch. And heckle. And drink beer. And listen to great music.

Like last year, we’ll have prizes for the top riders in 4 categories – Women’s Beginners, Women’s Elite, Men’s Beginners and Men’s Elite. We’ll also have live music and giveaways.

The event is free to attend, just $5 to race.

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