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We have two goals for this event.
#1: INFORMATION: Let’s learn!
#2: SOCIALIZATION: Let’s share our stories!
(oh, and as a bonus, we’ll be giving away some awesome cycling stuff and discounting all women’s bikes and accessories, lots at 50% off)

Here’s how we plan for the night to go, drop in or hang all night!

5:00pm: Event Starts. Light snacks will be served (including some locally brewed beer and wine). Shop around. Meet other women who share your interest in riding.

6:00pm: Rebecca Talks Riding. Rebecca, co-owner of Intercourse & Lititz Bikeworks, will address questions and concerns most commonly brought up by women – things like saddle comfort, riding confidence, our favorite free riding apps, and the best local places to ride (we’ll have routes for you to take home!). Note: this is meant to be a discussion. Chime in! Share your stories! Let’s all help each other!

6:30pm: Stay Safe Clinic. We’ll talk about the basics, including how to give your bike a safety check before each ride, how to fix a flat, and what to always carry with you.

7:00pm: You tell us! Before you go, please let us know how you’d like to see us continue our female friendly initiative. Ladies-only rides, or rides open to all beginners? Mountain biking? Road riding? Rail trail meet-ups? We’d love your feedback to steer us in the right direction!



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