Girl Meets Bike

Post 2: Melody Gears Up.

Forward: This is the second post from our awesome guest blogger, the beautiful, smart and oh so talented Melody Strayer. In the last post, she discovered that her Walmart bike had told her a dirty lie. It made her think she couldn’t ride. A better bike showed her endless possibilities. This week she keeps riding, but with new gear. Don’t worry, we answered all her questions! An we’ll answer yours, too. Just ask!

I swore I would never buy spandex because yuck. But listen, it turns out that biking for more than a few miles makes your lady bits a little tingly. (God, let’s hope that’s what the problem is.) And so everybody told me, “buy some padded bike shorts”. But when I held up some pairs at the bike shop, I swear they wouldn’t fit my 10 year old. Since I had an LL Bean coupon, I bought (and received yesterday) the pictured ensemble.

My preliminary assessment, based on only about 2 miles because my kids were being assholes: I bought the high-vis shirt because cars are jerks to bikes (they really are), but I even have questions about this. What’s the pocket for in the back? Fruit snacks for my whiney kids? Maybe one of those frozen, premixed strawberry daiquiris that come in the Capri Sun pouches? I feel like the possibilities are literally endless.

Secondly, the pants: I feel like I am walking around in a pair of those giant postpartum underwear they give you in the hospital. I don’t want to be inapprop, but I went up to each of my kids and asked them to punch me in the butt. See? See? Doesn’t hurt. They have this super silky soft insert thingy that is cushy and delightful. I think it’s called a chamois but I might have made that up. I’d like all of my clothing items to have a chamois. Also, we need to talk a little more about this. “My friend” heard recently that you aren’t supposed to wear underwear with these things. “My friend” is wondering if that’s true. Comment below and I will pass on the info.

Also, I am experimenting with not wearing any makeup on the weekends. Love thyself and all that. I could literally put my car keys in the bags under my eyes.


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