PEDEGO Electric Assist Bikes

hello, fun…

That’s the motto over at Pedego Electric Bikes, and as soon as you pedal one, you’ll understand why. We sure do.


Just how do these electric bikes work? Our best answer is a simple one: seamlessly. A super user-friendly touch screen allows you to choose the amount of assist you want. A level 5, the bike is doing all the heavy lifting. Sure, you’re pedaling, but there’s power behind your pedal. You could be climbing a huge hill with a harsh head wind that would force a rider on his traditional bike to dismount. Not you. You’ll still be smiling. That hill won’t register at all on your legs! Turn the level of assist down a notch and your legs can pitch in a tad. Go all the way down to level 1 and you’ll be doing a fair amount of the work, but hills and winds won’t be a worry. Of course, you can always turn off the assist and do all the work yourself. Or, on the other end of the spectrum, you could use the throttle and enjoy power without pedaling.

Essentially, there’s a setting for every mood. Every rider. Every road. Every day. 

Charging your battery is seamless, too. Simply slide the battery off the bike and plug it into its charger. Four hours is typically what it takes to complete your recharge.






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