Lititz Rail Trail Bike

Perhaps riding your bike is something you love to do, but riding on public roads just isn’t your cup of tea. Imagine yourself pedaling a bicycle on a beautiful rails-to-trails located in the heart of Lancaster County. Fresh air filling your lungs, taking in the scenery, you wave at an Amish farmer who’s out tending to his fields. He smiles warmly and waves back. A baby goat runs along with you as you pass its pasture. You meander through historic farmsteads and stop in Lititz Springs park. Lititz was voted “Americas’ Coolest Small” town in America. Now it’s time to leave your bike and walk through this charming little town. Hungry? Yeah, Lititz has plenty to offer your taste buds.

This, my friends, is what our rail trail experience is all about. A quiet path, away from the congestion. Stress free. Just you, and whatever your imagination can conjure up.

We invite you to take this clean and green approach every time you visit.

Our Rail Trail Experience Tour meets at Lititz Bike Works, and departs from the Trailhead at Warwick Municipal Park.


Lititz Rail Trail Experience

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